The mission of the Kassák Museum
is to bring the vision of Lajos Kassák,
Hungary’s greatest avantgarde author,
artist, newspaper editor and designer,
to the widest possible audience.

Key words in Kassák’s lifework
are ‘internationality’, ‘cooperation’,
‘intellectual workshop’ and ‘critical
approach’. The exclamation mark,
often used by Kassák himself, in the
logo represents the watchfulness of
man highly attuned to his surroundings,
while the other component of the ‘K’
the arrow, directs attention to the
validity of the Kassákian message.

The visual image of Kassák‘s 125th
anniversary was inspired by Kassák’s
critical attitude towards political power.
The clash between the exclamation mark
and the construction rules of the logo is
an expression of the tension between
revolutionary ideas and personal fate.

The exhibition space is an integral part
of the visual image. The tiny spaces and
the Baroque edifice were radically
remodelled for the exhibition.